Escapado Dressage Saddle

Built on the ultimate tree for close contact and clear communication, the Escapado Dressage Saddle features an ultra plush seat for incredible rider comfort, and anatomic knee rolls that support without constricting or forcing position.

The panel does not have a front gusset, creating a closer horse to rider fit, while thoughtfully positioned billets provide more comfortable girthing for the horse. This saddle is good for wider horse, with barrel like confirmation. The saddle is the same as the Delicato but isn’t a narrow through the twist, which is more suitable for wider horses.

Sizes: 17″ / 17.5″

Tree widths: N-XXW

Colours: Black


The Delicato Dressage Saddle

The Delicato is built on a close contact tree, the narrow twist and monoflap design offer the ultimate close contact feel in a dressage saddle. The anatomic knee roll supports the rider without constricting or forcing position.

The Delicato has a narrower twist and most suited to a narrower framed horse with a standard wither. Offering freedom of movement through the back and shoulder with reduced bulk in a mono flap design. The rider will naturally feel closer to the horse in this close contact design. This saddle is suited to horses with low to medium withers

Sizes: 17″ / 17.5″

Tree widths:N-XXW