Fitting and Flocking

“We take our time to get it right as every horse is unique in its movement and gait.”

All our fitters are Master Saddler Qualified (SMS) Saddle Fitters and attend many CPD and brand specific saddle fitting courses every year.

Giving you ‘peace of mind’ that we know our saddles and more importantly, we know how they fit.

What to expect on your saddle fitting?

On completing the Saddle Questionnaire, we will arange a date and time to visit you at your yard with a selection of suitable saddles for you to try.

When we arrive we will take a wither template and back measurements to keep on file for future reference.

We will then try on a selection of saddles and pick a few for you to ride in, ideally in an enclosed  flat space – school or paddock.

Unless you have something specific in mind,  we would recommend that you ride in a few different saddles to assess which style and fit is best for you and your horse.

The visit will take approximately 1 – 1 ½  hours

Buying a saddle is a journey, we offer continued support throughout the

life time of your saddle.

Horses are constantly changing shape. We would recommend a minimum of a yearly ‘saddle check’ to assess fit and flocking.

If your horse dramatically changes shape through-out the seasons you may require a few visits throughout the year to keep your athlete in tip top condition.

A new wither template and saddle measurements will be taken on every visit, this allows us to compare topline development or any shape changes from previous templates.

We will then re-fit/ flock your saddle to your horses new shape, ensuring comfort and performance. Many of our saddles have inter-changeable gullets, allowing us to adjust the width of your saddle without having to take it away.

The art of flocking correctly…