The Society of Master Saddlers advises any planned return to work must be done safely and with the adequate and appropriate safety measures in place.

Social Distancing must be observed at all times together with all necessary hygiene and biosecurity measures.

We must all appreciate that horses are animals who don’t read the rule book so things won’t always go to plan.  If we feel certain fitting aspects are not fulfilled a future date will be arranged as a follow up when the situation eases.

In order to satisfy these safety measures appointments are taking longer.  We are also doing fewer fittings to enable us to meet the guidelines.  Please be patient with us.

We need to limit the amount we touch your tack, your horse and any gates or doors.  Please have your horse and tack cleaned before we arrive and open gates or doors ahead of us.

A one to one environment would be best but where a helper or parent is needed we still have to consider 2m distancing.

The simple format of our appointment will be;

  • Owner ties horse up
  • Owner moves 2m away whilst we measure and assess the horses back
  • Saddle check – owner tacks up horse
  • New saddle purchase – we tack up horse
  • Mounting – girth checked by person who saddled up. Saddle fitter stays 2m away for mounting
  • Watches horse ridden away – feel front of saddle quickly and only when necessary
  • Payment methods preferred bank transfer or card
  • Sanitise hands, saddles & accessories used

If you are not happy with these arrangements we will have to wait for the situation to improve.  By abiding by these guidelines hopefully we get through this more quickly by minimising the risk of spreading infection.

We all need to stay safe so we can enjoy our horses.